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AED's - Purchase Defibtech Lifeline (semi our fully auto), Zoll, Medtronic, Powerheart, Samaritan or Philips defibrillator, oxygen (02) units, cpr and aed supplies.
We include FREE shipping on all aed's including Defibtech Lifeline AED dcf-100.
defibtech lifeline aed's and phillips aeds defibrillators

Philips Onsite AED
Philips Onsite

Philips frx AED defibrillators
Philips FRX

Philips FR3
Philips FR2 ECG

powerheart g3
Powerheart G3

heartsine samaritan public access defibrillator
Samaritan PAD

medtronic cr plus aed
Medtronic CR Plus

Zoll Aed
Zoll AED Plus

Defibtech Lifeline AED
Defibtech Lifeline

zoll pro
Zoll AED Pro

medtronic lifepak 1000
Medtronic Lifepak 1000

oxygen 02
Oxygen 02

aed batteries and pads
Batteries & Pads
$59 +

The prices listed above includes the AED, pads, battery, case and free shipping! Special discounts if ordering more than one AED unit.

aed signs
AED Signs

aed cabinets
AED Cabinets
$179 +

aed trainer trainers
AED Trainers
$275 +

cpr supplies
CPR Supplies
and Manikins

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Why buy a defibtech aed?
*Do not just buy a Defibtech Lifeline AED, or any aed for that matter, from just any internet site. Buy from us - a top rated company. We are BOTH a CPR training company and an AED distribution center. We teach, use and know these defibrillators. We ship all aeds with the new guidelines and can provide you with aed medical direction, prescription and oversight. We also have web based battery, pads and training tracking software. We will investigate your needs and tell you which unit to buy, where to place the aed, if you need certain pads or cases and can provide cpr and aed training. We guarantee to give you the lowest prices on Philips Onsite, frx, fr2, Medtronic Lifepak cr plus, Heartsine Samaritan pad, Powerheart g3, Zoll AED Plus and Zoll AED Pro, Defibtech Lifeline and all aed trainers and oxygen (02) units.

CPR AED and First Aid Classes and AED Distribution in West Palm Beach Florida -

aeds defibtech lifeline aed ddp100 pads batteries and electrodes This AED is IN STOCK and ready to ship today! Defibtech Lifeline or Lifeline AUTO AED with 8-Year Warranty One Set of Adult Electrode Pads Long-Life 5 or 7 Year Battery Pack 9 Volt Lithium Battery for AED Self Checks Durable Soft Carry Case, a $99 Value DVD Defibtech Orientation Video, a $10 Value Defibtech Event Review Software FREE Premium AED/CPR Responder® Pack FREE "AED Equipped" Window/Wall Decal FREE AED Check® Tag FREE Physician's Prescription FREE UPS Shipping Same Day Shipping Low Price Guarantee Authorized Distributor Defibtech Lifeline™ and Lifeline AUTO™AEDs Part #: DCF-100 with Extras
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